2017 Men’s Series Champion_ Dave Worthy

2017 Women’s Series and State Champion _ Ballie Liddle

2017 West Australian State Champion_ Ben Pope

2017 Avon Descent Wildwater Champion_ James Irwin

Looking back at 2017 

2017 will be remembered as a year of outstanding water conditions, along with amazing sunny weather. Blame climate change. We kept our traditional racing events with a few flat water races to start the season, an  alternative race location for race #4 in Toodyay (just below Extracts Weir) and then our last two races held at Bells Rapids and Bridgetown . Both races were pumping with great water levels and sunny conditions. Best conditions in years.

Series Winners_ Dave Worthy was the most outstanding paddler over the series with a podium finish in each race. Dave finished the series with x4 1st places, and finished 10 seconds behind Ben Pope (young professional athlete) in the state titles in Bridgetown.

We didn’t see as many women paddling this year. Two of our top women were absent due to work commitments or maternity leave. Bailie Liddle was left to battle it out with the boys and was outstanding this year. Ballie finished 2017 ranked 6 (from 50 paddlers) in the series.

Ben Pope _WA men’s state champion and Ballie Liddle_ WA women’s state champion

We are starting to see a shift in the dominance of the younger paddlers. Although we still have a strong stable of old dogs (untouchables), we are starting to see the rise in younger paddlers. In 2017, we had a strong contingency of U18 and Open category paddlers which we haven’t seen in years. All these young paddlers were finishing in the top 10 in every race.

Luke Dooley (U18 series winner) is the paddler to look out for in the future. He finished the series with a podium finish in 3 of the races.

James Irwin was outstanding in the Wildwater Category in his first Avon Descent. It was great to watch the battle unfold between Kieran Simpson and James as the lead changed a number of times throughout the race.

A special thankyou for the support of the very important committee members who made sure the season ran smoothly. The reliable Alan Morbey, the Liddle family who look after the finances and rego, the passionate Kris Smith with his online rego and webscorer experience and Bonnie Metzke for doing the most important job of timing the races. Its a team effort and our team is awesome.

Looking forward to the 2018 season and hope to see you all there.

John O’Sullivan _ chairperson

2017 Top Images

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